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Bullycide memorial page
Cases of bullycide
A list of children and young people who have lost their life or
been driven to suicide because of bullying at school or bullying during their school years

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Cases of adults driven to suicide by bullying

* indicates this case is covered in Neil Marr and Tim Field's book Bullycide: death at playtime: an exposť of child suicide caused by bullying

* Lancashire: The first recognised bullycide of Steven Shepherd in the strawberry Fields at Newburgh, Lancashire in 1967.

In April 1998, Brian Franklish died whilst trying to escape the children bullying him.

Yorkshire: Twelve-year-old Debbie Shaw agrees to a challenge by other girls to end her bullying and victimisation by fighting the school bully. She died of her injuries.

Thirteen-year-old Roger Hillyard found dead near his home after a lifetime of bullying.

Sisters Samantha and Michaela Kendal are so taunted and bullied about their overweight they go on hunger strike ... both died.

Burton-upon-Trent: Fifteen-year-old choirboy Darren Steele is found hanged in his bedroom after a life of bullying and victimisation at school.

West Midlands: Twelve-year-old schoolboy Stephen Woodhall hanged himself with his brother's school tie rather than face bullying by the school bullies for another day. "He must have been going through hell," his father, Ken, said. Later, forty-seven-year-old Kenneth Woodhall also hanged himself. He had never got over the hanging suicide five years earlier of his son Stephen.

* In September 1997, 13-year-old Salvation Army girl Kelly Yeomans took a fatal overdose after months of tormenting and bullying. Her bullies were given a slap on the wrist.

Stephen Sandon, six, collapsed and died in terror of a bully pack almost a year to the day after the death of Joanna Canlin in the same tough schoolyard.

* Isle of Lewis: In February 1996 Katherine Jane Morrison, 16, takes a fatal overdose after horrendous bullying.

Isle of Lewis: Fifteen-year-old Marianne Bisenieks dies of an overdose. She is said to have been bullied at the same school as Katherine Jane Morrison

Ireland: fourteen-year-old Kurt Cobain shoots himself to escape the local bully boys.

Vijay Singh Shahiri wrote heartbreaking poems about his schoolyard tormentors, then hanged himself.

* Belfast: In January 1995 Marie McGovern overdoses after bullying. Her diaries recorded a life of day-to-day terror.

* Cheshire: Sixteen-year-old bully victim Lucy Forrester electrocutes herself by throwing a copper wire over the live lines of the local railway track. Lucy's parents have set up a charity VISYON in her memory.

* Lancashire: In September 1994 Lynette McLaughlin hanged herself with her own dressing gown cord because of bullying.

Fourteen-year-old Amanda Brownridge overdosed because of bullying.

Schoolgirl dancer Kelly Farrar, 13, killed herself with her father's heart pills after telling friends she'd been teased at school.

Surrey: Mark MacLaglan hanged himself from a tree because of bullying.

Abingdon, Oxfordshire: Teenage cyclist Mark Perry risked the road to escape a gang of bullies. He died under the wheels of a truck. Mark's death lead to the setting up of theAnti-Bullying Campaign.

Kent: Child prodigy James Lambeth, 16, bullied because of his genius, gassed himself in his father's car.

An un-named Asian boy is knifed to death in a suicidal bid to stand up against the bullies who had made his life hell.

London: Eleven-year-old Martin Harvey, a long-time victim, collapsed and died when a bully gang charged him in the playground.

* Leeds: Daniel Overfield, 12, hangs himself, unable to cope with a hand-written insult.

* Argyll, Scotland: Neil Ross, 17, hangs himself in the school grounds during Christmas holidays after bully torment resulting from an alleged petty theft of just ten pounds.

* Belfast: in April 2000 Denise Baillie, 14, dies from taking pills after horrific bully campaign against her. [More]

Cheshire: Mark Harvey, 15, died after refusing to run away and being beaten by a bully gang outside school.

Surrey: Peter Evans, 11, is crushed under the wheels of a lorry trying to escape a bully gang.

Hampshire: Fourteen-year-old Tom Brough hanged himself. Witnesses at his inquest admit to having been part of a bully campaign against him.

Six-year-old Matthew Bibby risks the busy rush hour road rather than the bullies and is killed by a car as he tries to escape them.

Fourteen-year-old Bryan Frankish is killed escaping a school bully gang on a friend's motorbike.

Mid-Glamorgan: Jamie Evans, 14, hangs himself with his belt after long-term school bullying culminated in the shaving off of one of his eyebrows.

Scotland: Suzie Barclay takes an overdose of pills after vicious playground taunts ... five months after another girl at her school narrowly escaped an overdose death to end her own bully torment.:

* Gloucestershire: Young sportsman and musician David Tuck hangs himself after refusing to attend first day of term because of bullying.

Fife: George Goodall, 13, is killed by a police car as he dashes across a road to escape pursuing bullies.: Just a week before George Goodall's death, 12-year-old Michael Gourley, was bullied into playing chicken on a busy motorway. He was also run over and killed by a police car.

Seven-stone Daniel Mole is chased and beaten by the thug who had bullied him throughout his school life. He died falling from a roof in an attempt to escape. It was his 21st birthday.

Lanarkshire: A 12-year-old pupil at a top fee-paying school hanged himself from a tree to escape merciless bullying.

Wales: Jemma Brine-Daniels, 14, dies of overdose after being bullied at school ... by teachers.

Alistair Hunter, aged 12, hanged himself after a campaign of bullying which involved him being spat upon and bullies urinating in his sports bag.

Nine-year-old Neil Gadd chooses the main road rather than face bullies blocking the subway pass. He's knocked down and killed.

* Manchester: Eight-year-old Marie Bentham hangs herself in her bedroom with her skipping rope because she can no longer face the bullies at school. Marie is thought to be Britain's youngest bullycide.

Merthyr Tydfill, South Wales: Anthony Hutchinson jumps off a window ledge and later dies in his bedroom after being bullied by other pupils because he was coloured.

* In January 2000 Danielle Goss is the first bullycide of the New Millennium after a campaign of bullying which included abusive messages on her mobile phone.

* West Midlands teacher Jean Evans hangs herself after unrelenting bullying by pupils and lack of support from the head teacher. The deputy head teacher also committed suicide shortly afterwards.

October 2000: 15-year-old Gail Jones from Tranmere, Merseyside, takes an overdose of paracetamol after a long campaign of bullying, harassment and threat via her mobile phone.

14 February 2001: 10-year-old Jevan Richardson hangs himself at his home in Lewisham yesterday after being expelled from St Mary Magdelene's Catholic Primary School, Brockley. In a suicide note, Jevan wrote "I can't get anything right. I'm always wrong. I just want to die and I'm going to hang myself.". Lewisham Council have refused to comment. Chair of governors Don Mahony raised doubts about the competency of headteacher Carmelita Winston when he wrote to Jevan's parents stating that the presence of their son at the school was "damaging to the health and welfare of the headteacher Carmelita Winston". See report inThe Observer. Teachers and lecturers are the largest group of callers to the UK National Workplace Bullying Advice Line; in most cases the reported bully is the head teacher with the behavior profile of a serial bully.

7 March 2001: 13-year-old Eminen fan Kayleigh Davies hangs herself in her bedroom on 20 December 2000. Central Hampshire coroner Grahame Short recorded a verdict of suicide after hearing how that Kayleigh had been sent home from Alderman Quilley School in the morning of the last day of term by headmaster Kenneth Button for drinking alcohol. Mr Dawes told the coroner that because of bullying, Kayleigh had been moved from Crestwood School in Eastleigh to nearby Alderman Quilley where, after an initial period of calm, experienced bullying again.

23 June 2001: Nicola Raphael, 15, died after taking an overdose of painkillers at her home in Kirkintilloch, Dunbartonshire, Scotland. She had been the target of bullying for some time. The bullies at Lenzie Academy had speciously used her style of dress - which they labelled "Gothic" - as a rationalisation for their violence towards her and had branded her "a freak". A spokeswoman for East Dunbartonshire Council said that "Nicola was part of a group within the school which did receive unwanted attention from other pupils and where incidents were reported and names provided, investigations were carried out and appropriate action taken." [Statement from Nicola's Mum]

20 September 2001: 14-year-old Laura Grimes committed suicide by taking an overdose of painkillers after being bullied at school and rejected by friends. Avon and District coroner Paul Forrest described Laura's case as "one of the most distressing I have come across in 20 years". Laura took a massive overdose of Co-proxamol painkillers after leaving eleven suicide notes. Headmaster of Mangotsfield School, Derek Hall, said that the school had a very strict policy on bullying, and that Laura had never complained of bullying to her tutor, head of year, or to her large number of friends. Laura had not told her parents of her ordeal (the reasons why children don't tell their parents about being bullied are revealed in Bullycide: death at playtime). [More]

27 November 2001: fifteen-year-old Elaine Swift died from an overdose of painkillers after a campaign of bullying, harassment and assault which started after she was featured in the media for having donated bone marrow to her younger sister who was suffering from leukaemia. Elaine's parents say that they were let down by the LEA who failed to take her allegations seriously. The bullying comprised daily verbal harassment and taunting, and on one occasion a lighted match was thrown into her hair, which caught fire. The situation had become so untenable that Elaine was moved from Brierton School in Hartlepool last year. Head teacher of Brierton School Stuart Priestley stated that his school had a "rigorous anti-bullying policy" and that every incident of bullying that was reported was investigated. Bill Jordon, head teacher at Elaine's new school, Dyke House in Hartlepool, said that he was satisfied with steps taken to deal with bullying claims made by Elaine. Hartlepool's assistant director of education Adrienne Simcock asserted "I am confident that the school has acted properly and taken all the appropriate steps when investigating the claims." Elaine died after an emergency liver transplant failed to reverse the effects of 100 paracetamol tablets taken over a period of a fortnight. [More: The Times]

21 November 2001: an inquest has been opened into the suicide of 13-year-old Nottingham teenager Morgan Musson who was found dead in her bed on 15 November. Morgan's mother, Debra Savage, claimed that her daughter had been taunted and bullied by girls from Ellis Guilford School in Nottingham for seven months and that the school had not done enough to deal with the bullying. Nottingham LEA said they had taken action but there was no evidence to suggest that the bullying amounted to anything more than verbal abuse. Ellis Guilford headmaster Peter Plummer declined to comment. [More: BBC News Online | The Times | Ananova]
Update 20 February 2002: the inquest on 13-year-old Morgan Musson has returned an open verdict as the coroner could not satisfy himself that she intended to kill herself. Unlike a physical injury or physical cause of death, a psychiatric injury cannot be studied and recorded after death. All the coroner has is (sometimes) the suicide letter and (always) the denial of everyone who contributed to the bullycide: the bullies, the witnesses of bullying, and those in authority who should have acted but didnít. Greater weight is often attached to these denials than to the written and reported testimony of the deceased who has been tormented to death and to the deceasedís family who have lived (and continue to live) the nightmare. An open verdict, which may be legally correct, neither relieves the suffering of the family nor does it enable the perpetrators to be held accountable for their sins of commission and omission. [Ananova]

5 March 2002: an inquest on 15-year-old Hannah Taylerson has returned a verdict of "self-harm". Hannah hanged herself with her school tie after having problems at school which included peers talking about her behind her back. Previously Hannah had visited her doctor with self-inflicted cuts which she told him were due to problems at school, John Cabot City Technology College in Bristol, England. Hannah had recently visited school counsellors but had apparently not told them about bullying. Recording his verdict, Bristol coroner Paul Forrest said: "This girl had problems with friends and her boyfriend and she took her own life." [BBC News Online]

13 April 2002: 13-year-old Laura Kilibarda was found hanged in her home at Lisvane, near Cardiff, after complaining about being bullied at school. [Details] At Laura's inquest on 23 October 2002 police said they found no evidence of bullying, but her parents suspect otherwise after talking to Laura's friends. [More]

18 April 2002: 14-year-old Adam Grigg hanged himself with a lanyard from his sea cadet's uniform after three years of bullying which started at Broadgate Primary School, Horsforth, Leeds, and continued when he moved to Horsforth School. Adam was described as a quiet, sensitive child who loved to play with computers and his pet dog. He was looking forward to a career in the Royal Navy. Instead he endured three years of being spat at, beaten up and had threatening notes written in his school books which culminated in his suicide to escape the violence. [More]

4 August 2002: an inquest in Whitby heard how 13-year-old Jack Glasby hung himself after being bullied at Caedmon School, Whitby, Yorkshire, which he had left five months previously. As a study by Kidscape found, the cumulative psychiatric injury caused by bullying at school endures, often throughout life. Problems started in February 2001 when another pupil hung Jack over a stairwell and said he would drop him. Caedmon School headteacher Tony Hewitt told the inquest strategies to help Jack were offered by the school and stressed that all incidents of bullying, however minor, were dealt with and documented. [More]

13 September 2002: 12-year-old Emma Morrison was found hanging in the bedroom of her Edinburgh home after being subjected to a campaign of verbal and physical abuse by school bullies at Broughton High School. [Scotsman | Daily Telegraph | Daily Record ]

23 October 2002: 14-year-old Scott Young dies in road traffic accident after running across road to escape from bully Yannick Etutu. Yannick Etutu is jailed for manslaughter. [More]

7 March 2003: 12-year-old Natalie Ruddick is murdered by an intruder in her bedroom after skipping school because of bullying. Natalie was a pupil at All Saints' College in Newcastle which recently made headlines for adopting a "zero tolerance" policy on bad behaviour, with 114 pupils suspended and four expelled. "Natalie was one of those kids who loved going to school," said family friend Dawn Pattison. "But she had been getting bullied recently." [More]

15 April 2003: 14-year-old Jade Hughes was found hanged on a Swansea footbridge over a railway line not far from where her classmate at Pentrehafod Comprehensive School Kirsty Botto was found hanged in her bedroom. Police quickly deny that bullying was a factor but as in the case of Laura Kilibarda the secretive nature of bullying means that the cause is not always obvious. [More | More | Inquest

17 April 2003: 15-year-old Sarah Harrison from Mapperley in Nottinghamshire, England, hanged herself at a Nottingham children's home after enduring months of bullying. Sarah had wanted to be a model. [More]

6 June 2003: Karl Peart, 16, from Lynemouth, Northumberland, was repeatedly picked on because he was intelligent, considerate and refused to join street gangs. Karl planned his own funeral before taking an overdose of painkillers with alcohol. [More | More]

17 June 2003: Gemma Dimmick, 15, who attended Karl Peart's school (Hirst High School, Ashington, Northumberland, England), is believed to have taken an overdose after writing several notes [More]

30 June 2003: Oliver Sabine, 17, is found hanged after suffering years of bullying which left him scared to go out. [More]
In February 2005 an inquiry into death of Oliver Sabine finds "no evidence" despite years of bullying, a broken nose and the theft of five of Oliver's bikes; parents view school's attitude as being that Oliver's death was "a bit of a nuisance". [More]

3 July 2003: 11-year-old Thomas Thompson kills himself with an overdose of painkillers because he was bullied at school for being "too clever", say his family. Wallasey School headteacher Martin Pope said, "[Thomas] didn't discuss concerns about bullying and there were no reports of bullying in the school." Children who are being regularly abused and terrorised are too afraid to tell the responsible adults, especially when they are likely to be met with denial by the adults and reprisals by the bullies for having talked to a teacher. The responsible adults must be proactive in fulfilling their duty of care - if they're reactive, it's too late. [More]

12 July 2003: Leeds soccer fan Christopher O'Reilly, 15, hangs himself after bullies threaten to kill him or his parents. Christopher had already had his face slashed and his mobile phone and wallet stolen. Lawnswood School (Leeds) head teacher Milan Davidovic said "We spoke to his close friends. Nothing they told us suggests this was anything but a tragic accident." [More]

7 September 2003: 15-year-old Marianne Shanks, a 4th year pupil at Dundee High School, hangs herself at her home near Inchture, Perthshire, Scotland. An investigation is under way which will consider claims that she was bullied at her private school. [More | More]

17 December 2003: 18-year-old Hannah Kirkham takes an overdose of painkillers after a long campaign of bullying, harassment and assault by fellow employees at KFC who called her, amongst other things, a "fat, spotty bitch". Hannah was an A-level student who wanted to become a lawyer. She died in hospital on 26 December 2003. [More]

31 May 2004: 12-year-old Aaron Armstrong, who was a first-year pupil at Cambridge House Grammar in Ballymena, was found hanged in a hayshed at the family farm at Broughshane, County Antrim. Acts of assault, false imprisonment, theft and criminal damage had been played down as "boys will be boys". [More]

July 2004: James Rogers, from Wrexham, Wales, kills himself after prolonged bullying. [More]

September 2004: 13-year-old Laura Rhodes commits suicide in an apparent pact; police deny claims of bullying. Cefn Saeson Comprehensive school (Neath, South Wales) student council issued a statement denying the school had a bullying problem whilst headteacher Alun Griffiths said "a range of strategies" was used to tackle bullying claims. [More |More | More]. In November 2004 the parents of Laura Rhodes demanded new laws to force schools to record bullying. [More] In April 2005 Laura Rhodes' parents prepare to take legal action over the death of their daughter. [More] An inquest in May 2005 hears allegations of bullying at Cefn Saeson Comprehensive School, Neath. [More |Suicide verdict]

September 2004: 14-year-old Amy Rose Tipton, of Kidderminster, Worcestershire, died after taking an overdose of antidepressants. She was described as a high achiever at school, a beautiful, sensitive child who aspired to be a dancer. Police said they were investigating the possibility that she was being bullied at school. [More] [Coroner's verdict More]

October 2004: An inquest hears how Jamie Sell, a pupil at Cantonian High School in Fairwater, Cardiff, hanged himself a few days before his 18th birthday after being taunted by bullies. "The school takes any issue of bullying very seriously and has an anti-bullying policy in place" commented head teacher Lois Spargo. [More]

April 2005: 12-year-old Nathan Jones hangs himself after being tormented by bullies at Kingís Wood School, in Harold Hill, Romford, Essex. Nathan was a school council representative who acted in school plays and raised money for the tsunami appeal. [More | More]

April 2005: 14-year-old Shaun Noonan from Ellesmere Port, Cheshire hangs himself after a long period of bullying including being headbutted, thrown into a ditch, having an earring pulled out and a 'happy slapping' incident recorded on mobile phones by youths at Sutton High School. [More | More]

May 2005: 15-year-old Anna Marie Averill, a pupil at Hillcrest School, in Bartley Green, Birmingham, kills herself after months of bullying. [More | More]

Near suicides

May 2005: 17-year-old Kirsty Jessen was bullied continuously since the age of 4 because she suffers from alopecia (hair loss). She thought often about committing suicide. [More]

25 June 2003: 9-year-old Jessica O'Connell kept a two-year diary of events in which she describes being hit, verbally abused and held down in a swimming pool. Jessica thought about killing herself because of two years of bullying by a classmate which the school (St Wilfrid's Roman Catholic School in Ripon, North Yorkshire) repeatedly failed to deal with - the school said that her tormentor could only be suspended because the bullying was "not serious enough" for greater punishment. Jessica wrote "To mummy, I wish I was dead so I don't have to suffer any more pain. I love you." Jessica lived to tell the tale - but only just. [More | More]

August 2003: 12-year-old Aimee Reynolds felt suicidal and was withdrawn from Paignton Community College, Devon, because of persistent bullying [More]

19 September 2003: Leighann Turner, 14, took an overdose of painkillers after two years of bullying at Holyrood High, Edinburgh, Scotland [More]

Serious assaults and deaths

19 May 2005: 16-year-old Becky Smith is left unconscious after a slap attack by fellow school pupils from Plant Hill High School in Blackley, Manchester. The slap attackers record the assault on their mobile phone and distribute the video at school. [More | Josh Belluardo case]

27 November 2000: 10-year-old Damilola Taylor is attacked on his way home from school and bleeds to death in a stairwell in south London's North Peckham Estate [More |More]

May 1999: community opinion in Canton, Cherokee County, Georgia was split after 15-year-old Jonathon Miller was found guilty of the murder of Josh Belluardo. The court heard how Miller, who had been bullying 13-year-old Josh Belluardo for some time, delivered a punch on the back of the head as the two were getting off the bus. The blow ruptured an artery and Josh Belluardo died within 60 seconds. Subsequent investigation revealed Miller had a history of violent behavior including 34 reported incidences. The failure of the school and education authority to address violent behavior has also come under scrutiny. [More

From USA

29 September 1998: after a long period of bullying at school Jared B High took his life at home aged 13 years and 6 days. His mother Brenda has set up as a memorial to Jared and to inspire others to tackle bullying. Brenda runs a support group at

2 January 2002: Joseph Daniel Scruggs hung himself in his bedroom closet without leaving a suicide note. He was 12 years old. Subsequently the authorities have been attempting to imprison his mother for neglect. [Full story]

7 October 2003: 13-year-old Ryan Patrick Halligan commits suicide after being bullied at school. [Full story]

From Canada

Hamed Nastoh jumped off a bridge in Surrey, a suburb of Vancouver.

Dawn-Marie Wesley, 14 years old, hanged herself in Mission, suburb of Vancouver. [Court hearing | CBC report | Court verdict]

Gilles Moreau, an Edmonton, Alberta teen, who was found dead, face-down in a ditch. See and search for Gilles Moreau.

8 April 2002: Emmet Fralick, a 14-year-old pupil at St. Agnes School in Halifax, Nova Scotia, shot himself in his bedroom because he was being bullied by classmates. Emmet was regarded as a quiet boy with a reputation for kindness to others. [More]

20 October 2002: 15-year-old Greg Doucette was so tormented about his acne by bullies at Notre Dame Secondary School in the Heart Lake district of north Brampton, Toronto, Canada, that he hanged himself in the basement of his home. [More]

July 2004: the life of a boy, known only as Tom, changes dramatically after incidents of bullying; Later, Tom attempts to hang himself but survives, albeit with brain damage and requiring 24 hour care. Anchorage School District pays out $1million as part of a $4.5 million settlement but denies liability. [More]

Persecution of targets for standing up to bullies whilst bullies get away scot free

July 2005: Fresno (California) police charge Maribel Cuevas with felony for defending herself against bullies whilst bullies get away scot free:

Survivor stories

A 50-year-old woman describes "desperately unhappy" school days:

Kate Winslett called "blubber" at school:

Links and support groups

Bully Police USA is active in raising awareness of bullying, bullycide and enacting laws against bullying in US schools.

Anyone who has lost a loved one to suicide can memorialize them by submitting their name to the Suicide Memorial Wall

For details of email support groups - one for parents and one for others whose lives have been affected by suicide - contact In these groups, the topic of bullying and its effect on our children does come up from time to time.

Parents of Suicides at

High percentage of youth in the USA report symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress and other disorders; study involving 4,023 adolescents finds that exposure to interpersonal violence (including bullying) increases the risk for PTSD:

Cases of adults who have been driven to suicide by bullying.

Bullycide: death at playtime, an exposť of child suicide caused by bullying by Neil Marr and Tim Field

bullycide, death, playtime, expose, child, suicide, anti, bullying, school, emotional, scar, scars,
heal, healing, recovery, prevent, prevention, antibullying, best, bookHalf the population are bullied at school and many still bear deep, unhealed psychological and emotional scars. Using a blend of powerful testimony, moving narrative, insightful analysis and practical advice, Bullycide: death at playtime validates the experience of being bullied at school and enables scars to heal, trauma to diminish, self-esteem to return and confidence to grow. The book reveals negative stereotypes about victims ("weak", "sensitive" etc) to be projections of the bully's own weaknesses and inadequacies and that so-called "victim characteristics" are misperceptions of personal assets to be valued and strengths to be cherished and nurtured.

Bullycide: death at playtime is the first book to examine in depth the extent and reasons for child suicide caused by bullying. Marr and Field's unique book is non-academic, easy to read and enables readers to benefit from the latest and best advice for pupils, parents and teachers on dealing with bullying. You'll be surprised to find out the real reasons why children are picked on by bullies. You'll also find out why children who are being bullied don't tell their parents, and why parents are often the last to find out that their child is being bullied - and sometimes only after it's too late.

Don't let your children suffer - take positive action, invest in your copy now, and encourage your childrens' teachers and schools to invest in a copy too.

Click the book cover for more details

"This is an excellent book" (Times Education Supplement [TES])
"Required reading in every Local Education Authority" (Yorkshire Evening Post)

Reviews and reader feedback and Excerpts

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