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book review and reader feedback

Book reviews and feedback
Bullycide: death at playtime
An expose of child suicide cause by bullying

by Neil Marr and Tim Field

The TES, Times Education Supplement (4 May 2001)
... the authors make their purpose clear. They intended to shock, and they succeeded. Although the tragic stories dominate the book, there's lots of practical advice too. An excellent book ... a call to action and a cry on behalf of unhappy children. (Gerald Haigh)

Yorkshire Evening Post (1 March 2001)
Violence is on the increase. This book should be required reading in every LEA (Local Education Authority) in the country. (Liz Carnell)

London Free Press
... screams failure of all adults. (Helen Connel)

Insight Magazine (USA, 14 May 2001)
The book is a combination of poignant stories and brutal facts adding up to a conclusion that those who inflict physical and psychological violence on youngsters are in some cases "getting away with murder" because their victims turn to suicide as a last resort ...chock-full of suggestions. (W J Elvin)

Lancashire Evening Post
... a major new book ... exposes child suicide caused by bullying. (Geoffrey Shryane)

Daily Mail
The authors' case, backed by years of research, is that authorities often fail to record that bullying has contributed to a death. (James Grylls)

Sunday Life (Northern Ireland)
The book uncovers an almost secret syndrome which is reaching epidemic proportions. The authors slam the authorities for doing little to tackle the problem. (Stephanie Bell)

UK Press Gazette
Marr and Field have coined the word 'bullycide' to describe the tragic decision of children to choose suicide rather than face another day of bullying. It provides statistics, case studies and expert advice. (Mary Stevens)

News of the World (July 2003)
Your book deserves to be in every school library. It's a powerful and heartbreaking read. Well done for highlighting the problem that affects every child and every parent in the country. (Phil Taylor, Associate Editor, News of the World, after his newspaper picked up the gauntlet presented by Bullycide: Death at Playtime and ran its own highly successful campaign for government action.)

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