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David Kinchin, a former teacher and police officer, now works as a PTSD workshop facilitator and has written widely on the subject. He is not a counsellor (currently working towards DipCPC), although he does help tutor some counselling skills courses.


David Kinchin's expertise in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) arose from his own diagnosis as a sufferer in 1990 since which he has devoted a considerable amount of time researching and writing about PTSD. His personal experiences form part of his qualification for leading workshops.

Venues for previous workshops and presentations include:-

Counselling & Training Services (W.E.) - Gibraltar
British Medical Association - London
Royal College of Nursing - London
Oxford Brookes University - Oxford
London Ambulance Service - London
Lothian & Borders Police - Edinburgh
Kristianstad Education Dept - Sweden

Coventry University - Coventry
Ticehurst House Hospital - Sussex
House of Commons - London
West Midlands Ambulance Service - Dudley
Fort Blockhouse - Gosport
RAF Brüggen - Germany
TACT - Gloucestershire
North Wales Police - Colwyn Bay
Royal Centre for Defence Medicine - Birmingham

Contact David Kinchin to organise a workshop for staff in your Service. Workshops and seminars can be tailored to suit the needs of your organisation.


David Kinchin is a graduate of St Luke's College, Exeter University. He is a member of ATSS (Association of Traumatic Stress Specialists), and one of the founder members of the British Sociological Association Disaster Study Group. He is a keen supporter and associate of ASSIST, an organisation offering a help line for trauma victims. In addition, David works as a freelance writer and is a full member of the Writer's Guild of Great Britain. He has also worked as a tutor for the Writers Bureau Ltd offering help and assistance to those who want to earn from their writing.

David Kinchin is the author of these books

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: the invisible injury, 2005 edition
David Kinchin
Published by Success Unlimited, 2004, ISBN 0952912147
[Order a copy]

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is the invisible injury. It can affect anyone who has experienced a significant traumatic event. Nobody is immune, and it is not restricted to the emergency services and armed forces.

The 2005 edition of this popular book provides all the basic information required by victims, and offers a powerful insight to those who treat trauma sufferers.

David Kinchin's workshops examine the causes of PTSD, the effects upon families, and explore the consequences with the help of case studies, experiences and video. A full day's programme will be of considerable value to practitioners, those who deal with trauma, and those who have been traumatised.

Supporting Children with PTSD
David Kinchin and Erica Brown
Published by Fulton Publishers, 2001
[Order a copy]

"It is estimated that at any one time around 135,000 school children are suffering from PTSD. They may be survivors of abuse or bullying. Some may have been involved in road accidents, or accidents at home."

In a new book, published in 2001, David Kinchin and Erica Brown explore ways in which professionals, including teachers and therapists, can support children with PTSD.

Workshops will reveal glimpses of the material which appear in this book. This includes the way research into PTSD has redefined our thinking of the disorder in children. How do schools cope with trauma victims? Do children get the help they deserve and need?

Next training workshop by David Kinchin

Contact David Kinchin to organise a workshop in your area. Workshops can be structured to suit the specific needs of any training programme. Email or fax (+44) 0161 785 0801.

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