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Stressed, fatigued, irritable, angry, despairing, depressed, thoughts of suicide? Read this

Bullying and suicide memorial page
Bullycide: cases where targets have been driven to suicide by bullying

June 1995: Private Sean Benton, 20, from Hastings, Sussex, was found dead in June 1995 with five bullet wounds in the chest at the Deepcut barracks near Camberley, Surrey. Witnesses now say he was bullied into suicide. [More]

1998: three employees at the Scottish Records Office commit suicide with a week of each other.

July 2002: Royal Mail accepts that postal worker Jermaine Lee committed suicide because of bullying. [More]

March 2005: Four soldiers suspected of being bullied to death at Deepcut Army Barracks. [More]

August 2005: Suicide over livestock grazing at Carrizo Plain National Monument, California, casts shadow on conservation battle; US Bureau of Land Management bosses' treatment of Marlene Braun exhibits hallmarks of bullying. [More]


My page on suicide

Children who have been driven to suicide by bullying.

Suicides in the military.

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