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David Kinchin B Ed.

Trainer and Tutor

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Two PTSD Seminars

25-26 April 2005

Venue: Portland Basin Conference Centre, Ashton-under-Lyne

(Near Oldham, Greater Manchester, England)

Monday or Tuesday 25th - 26th April 2005

10.00 am - 4.00 pm

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is the invisible injury. It can affect anyone who has experienced a significant traumatic event. Nobody is immune, and it is estimated that around 30% of all emergency service staff and almost 2% of the general population may be suffering from PTSD symptoms at any one time.

These seminars examine the causes of PTSD, and Complex PTSD, the effects upon families, and explores the outcomes with the help of case studies, experiences, and video. The full day will be of considerable value to welfare staff, those who deal with trauma and trauma victims, and those who have been traumatised.

Issues such as ‘debriefing’ and recovery from PTSD will be explored in a practical and logical way.

The £40 Seminar Fee includes morning coffee, lunch and afternoon tea, a pack of workshop notes, and an attendance certificate.

Monday 25th April 2005

Supporting emergency service staff and their families.

The day includes discussion on such questions as:-

Tuesday 26th April 2005

Supporting Families with PTSD

“It is estimated that at any one time around 135,000 school children are suffering from PTSD. They may be survivors of abuse or bullying. Some may have been involved in road accidents, or accidents at home.”

In their book, David Kinchin and Erica Brown explore ways in which skilled professionals, including teachers and therapists, can support children (and families) with PTSD.

In this seminar, David will reveal glimpses of the material which appears in his books. This includes the way research into PTSD has redefined our thinking of the disorder in children. The trauma of everyday events. Recovery from PTSD.

Each day has a specific theme and there will be some overlap in material, to suit the specific needs of the delegates present.

Copies of both of David’s books will be available on each day:

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - the invisible injury
Supporting Children with PTSD

The number of delegates will be strictly limited to 14 on each day.

For a workshop application form click here

Other courses offered by David Kinchin

 David Kinchin has been actively writing and training in the field of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder since 1992. His experience of working within the emergency services and in the field of education have helped him to formulate and produce a whole range of courses.

Previous courses have been prepared and delivered to all the Emergency Services, Local Education Authorities, the British Medical Association, the Armed Forces, and to a wide variety of different groups throughout Britain and in Europe.


Debriefing courses available - course tutor, David Kinchin.

Initial “Early Interventions Course”

5 days / 35 hours.

Breakdown of the course:- knowledge of PTSD 7 hours
Active Listening Skills 7 hours
Dual Attention Theory 1 hour
Debriefing Theory 6 hours
Debriefing practice 12 hours
The need for supervision 2 hours

Biannual 2 day Refresher Course

3 days / 20 hours

Breakdown of the course:- knowledge of PTSD 4 hours
Active Listening Skills 4 hours
Dual Attention Theory ½ hour
Debriefing theory 3 hours
Debriefing practical 6 hours
Supervision needs 2½ hours

Debriefing Refresher Course

1 day / 6 hours

Breakdown of the day:- Theory refresher 1 hours
Practical refresher 3 hours
Supervision/best practice 2 hours

The emphasis of each course is on practical skills and achieving ‘best practice’ for all concerned. The maximum number of delegates for any course is strictly limited to 20. All materials are supplied by the tutor. Courses can be fine-tuned to meet specific needs.



5 day Early Intervention Course.

5 days @ £380 £1,900
Course materials at £5.00 per student. e.g. (x20 £ 100
Cost, excluding any travel or accommodation £2,000
= £100.00 per delegate.

Biannual 2 day Debriefing Course.

3 days @ £385 £1,155
Course materials at £2.25 per student. e.g. (x20) £ 45
Costs, excluding any travel and accommodation £1,200
= £60.00 per delegate.

1 Day Training Courses.

1 day @ £390 £ 390
Course materials at 50p per student. e.g. (x20) £ 10
Cost, excluding any travel or accommodation £ 400
= £20.00 per delegate.

Using the “Emotional Decompression” training model the cost of training each debriefer, spread over a six year training cycle, is £47 per year.


Five different One Day Courses on :-

and other courses to suit various needs.

PTSD & Emergency Service Staff (£395 +)

To understand the causes and effects of PTSD
To consider the effect which trauma can have on the families of officers
To have some knowledge of the symptoms of PTSD
To explore recovery from PTSD
An introduction to the possible benefits of “Early Interventions”; Critical Incident Stress Debriefing.

Trauma & PTSD (£380 +)

The history of PTSD
The signs and symptoms of the disorder.
Explanation of how PTSD affects people
Recovery from PTSD; the Snakes & Ladders Model.

Counselling PTSD (£480 +)

A day examining the more detailed use of counselling skills to help those suffering with PTSD. The course suggests an eclectic approach to the counselling of these clients, and is a full day with two course tutors (David Kinchin & Martin Owen)

Active Listening Skills (£425 +)

A 12 hour course (over four evenings or two days) exploring Stage 1,2,3, Listening skills and applying these skills to the workplace and to ‘active listening’ in a counselling context.

Writing about PTSD (Fiction and Non-fiction) (£400 +)

An experimental workshop exploring the subject in a variety of ways which will promote understanding of Post Traumatic Stress.

Costs applicable until 30 November 2005 - no VAT payable

All costs assume 20 delegates at each training day

David Kinchin
29 David’s Lane

Tel 0161 624 5758
Fax 0161 785 0801

To book a place contact David Kinchin at or fax +44 (0) 161 785 0801

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