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Bully in sight
How to predict, resist, challenge and combat workplace bullying

Overcoming the silence and denial by which abuse thrives

Tim Field

Foreword by Diana Lamplugh OBE

ISBN 0952912104
Paperback, 16 chapters, 384 pages, resources, index

"Will be eagerly read by those waiting for an update [to Andrea Adams' book]"
Times Educational Supplement 7/3/97

"Powerful, compassionate, practical" Nursing Times, 1/1/97

"[With Bully in sight] Tim Field is establishing himself as one of the world's leading authorities on workplace bullying."
"...those employers who will survive to prosper in the new millennium [will] be those who genuinely care for and value their staff ... this book is an essential prerequisite for that goal."
"Probably the most authoritative, comprehensive and insightful book on bullying available."
"One of the best books I've read for spotting toxic bosses."

In Bully in sight Tim Field shares his unique insight, gained from personal experience, enabling employers to identify toxic bosses and to develop more effective anti-bullying policies and procedures. Bully in sight reveals the underlying motivations and behaviours of interpersonal conflict, giving human resources professionals and personnel officers the ability to resolve conflicts and disputes effectively. The insight also enables employers to identify and deal with sources of dysfunctional behaviour, thereby reducing costs, cutting sickness absence, and improving efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Employee assistance programme (EAP) providers will also find that Bully in sight contains valuable information for clients who are dealing with workplace issues.

Bully in sight...

"I always thought the purpose of going to work was to do work, not to spend one's entire time fighting off the unwelcome attentions of more senior employees. All my attempts to give excellent customer service to customers and contribute to the profitability of the company were thwarted by the immature behaviour and non-existent interpersonal skills of my abusive managers. What these people thought they were achieving was beyond me."

"It felt as though our company had developed an unwritten policy that achievement of budget targets was paramount, and if there were a few human casualties on the way, that was unfortunate, but an acceptable price to pay. As one of the casualties, I beg to differ."

Employees quoted in Bully in sight

In this ground-breaking book, you will learn

Bully in sight is in two parts; part one describes and defines bullying, part two tells you what you can do about it.

Part 1: what is bullying?

Chapter 1: overview, common excuses and euphemisms, why bullying happens
Chapter 2: bullying in education, the consequences of the imposition of league tables, the disastrous effects of OFSTED
Chapter 3: what bullying is, how bullying manifests itself, the predictable process of bullying, what to do about it, serial bullying, bullying phases, how bullies get away with it, denial
Chapter 4: how to identify the bullying manager and bully behaviours
Chapter 5: the bully's hold explained, physical bullying,  compulsive lying, psychopathic personality, bully sayings, profile of the serial bully
Chapter 6: bullying strategies and tactics revealed
Chapter 7: how the target thinks, feels and reacts, how bullies select their targets, how and why people put up with bullying, profile of the bullied person
Chapter 8: how bullying causes injury to health, stress and stress breakdown, suicide, the mental health trap, mental illness and psychiatric injury, personal injury, trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD),  recognition and validation
Chapter 9: cost to the employer, effects of bullying on productivity and performance
Chapter 10: identifying the causes of bullying, what stimulates bullying, corporate bullying, culture, why people bully, the origins of bullying in childhood

Part 2: how to challenge and combat workplace bullying

Chapter 11: how to identify and expose the serial bully, the 15-step unmasking process
Chapter 12: behaving assertively, simple and effective assertive defences against the bully, handling criticism, dealing with guilt
Chapter 13: practical advice if you're being bullied
Chapter 14: laws relevant to bullying, the UK court system, industrial tribunals, constructive dismissal, time limits, previous tribunal decisions, case law relevant to bullying, liability
Chapter 15: the nine moral issues raised by bullying
Chapter 16: advice and guidance for employers on developing an anti-bullying policy

Resources: recommended reading, details of groups fighting bullying, organisations to contact

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