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My name is Pam Lasuita, I'm a story researcher with CTV in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. A while back I had requested to correspond with people who had experienced Workplace Bullying.

I want to let you know that we will be airing  a 3 - 5 minute feature on Workplace Bullies on the 6pm news on Thursday November 10. It will be broadcast on CTV Edmonton, Channel 2 locally, and on Star Choice Channel 318 and Bell Express Vu Channel 77. (For those interested, you can also purchase a copy of the story, however it's $70 or $30 for a non-profit society. Call the switchboard at 780-483-3311).

Thank you so much to all of you for sharing your most personal experiences. I really appreciate the time and effort people took to get back to me. I was overwhelmed by the positive responses from across the country, and inspired by the strength, courage and determination of so many. Thanks also to the Bully OnLine website; we couldn't have done the feature without their help. I hope by broadcasting this story it will open up the dialogue on Workplace Bullying in Canada even more.

Researchers at the University of New Brunswick (Fredericton, Canada) are looking for targets of workplace bullying in Canada:

Nineveh online Internet forum provides support for targets of bullying in USA and Canada ... click here.

Anti Workplace Bullying Support Group in Vancouver, BC, Canada: we're Karen and Stephen and we're two targets of workplace bullies who have set up a support group in the Greater Vancouver area (Canada) which meets monthly. Our aim is to share information pertaining to laws and regulations in British Columbia (which seems to be at least ten years behind much of the "civilized" world) and raise enough awareness within the province to facilitate a change in attitude. We also wish to offer mutual support, advice help and encouragement for fellow targets of workplace bullying. To join or find out more, please email us at, letting us know how we may contact you, which city you are from and, if you like, a bit of background with regards to your bullying experience. We have a web site at a forum/board for people with updated articles and health info at

New! No Bully For Me Survey: take part in the Canadian No Bully For Me Bullying Survey

Quebec's psychological harassment law explained.

Canada launches a multi-year, multi-media anti-bullying public education campaign

Mobbing - a Canadian perspective

Canadian initiative on Workplace Violence

Legislative Assembly of Ontario Bill 70 2001 An Act to amend the Occupational Health and Safety Act with respect to acts of workplace violence [which] means acts of violence that persons commit in a workplace and includes acts of physical or psychological violence, including bullying, mobbing, teasing, ridicule and any other acts or use of words that can reasonably be interpreted as designed to hurt or isolate a person in the workplace. ("violence au travail")

Expanding Financial Liability for “Poisoned Environment”: increased compensation for Canadian employees who suffer multiple human rights violations at the hands of several employees in an inappropriate workplace environment. (Click on "HUMAN RIGHTS")

Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Resolution on bullying at work

Worker's Information Center, tel 416-535-9875

Workers Health and Safety Center article on workplace violence

Commission des normes du travail Quebec: Psychological harassment at work

Article Bullying in the Workplace by Lauren M Bernardi at Bernardi Stewart Scholz

Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII) case summaries concerning bullying in Canada

How to get hold of your clinical records and how to understand and use them.

Reasonable Alternatives and Just Cause: the Canadian legal position as it applies to harassment and the circumstances under which you are forced to leave your job.

Provincial Psychological Services Ltd provides psychological services for children, adolescents and adults of all ages. See also their links page.

Doors of Hope gives extensive support information for victims of child & adult abuse, domestic violence, sudden death, school violence, bullying etc.

The Lamarsh Centre for Research deals with family violence, aggressive driving behaviour, bullying and victimization in schools, sports and violence, conflict resolution in families, mental health in adult survivors of abuse, and more.

Bullying in the Workplace: employers are beginning to take steps to make bullying as unthinkable as sexual harassment or drunkenness in the workplace.

The Working Centre in Kitchener, Ontario, addresses unemployment, poverty, and the environmental crisis ...and has stocks of Bully in sight.

A Canadian reader reviews Bully in sight is an extensive Canadian site including educational resources available for students, teachers & parents. Many informative links including one to CBC who are doing a documentary on bullying asking people in Canada to come forward and share their story.

Health Canada is at

Canada Human Rights Act

British Columbia (BC) Human Rights Commission

British Columbia (BC) Human Rights Commission online pamphlet on Workplace Harassment

More Canadian links on human rights: and click on Related sites

Ontario Human Rights Commission is at and their page on human rights at work is at

Alberta Human Rights and Citizenship Commission contains information, research and links for teachers and students on human rights and discrimination.

Canadian laws on stalking.

The Law Society of Canada (LSUC) has raised the issue of discrimination / harassment / bullying at However, a Canadian correspondent tells me this could be little more than a window-dressing exercise.

Ontario's current Premier is anti-worker rights; see

Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety (violence in the workplace):

The Canadian Injured Workers Alliance.

The Canadian based Coalition Against Abuse in Relationships / Coalition Contre l'Abus dans les Relations has a web presence at

Central Committee Against Violence in Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland, Canada:

Daina Green is a Labour Advisor in Canada, working as a labour consultant. Her web site at has some interesting links.

News from Canada

Edmonton police can ticket bullies under new bylaw:

Teachers in Canada are as stressed out as they are in the UK, Australia and USA. A decade of constant change has included resource cuts, the dumping of special needs children in mainstream education without proper support, new curriculum material and increased bureaucracy. All this has resulted in thousands of teachers suffering stress and burnout. The number of teachers in Canada now claiming long-term disability is nearly double the number of nurses and air-traffic controllers, the two other traditionally and increasingly stressful occupations.

Bullies at work: Nancy J White writes in the Toronto Star about bullying at work.

CBC National program on bullying.

No more bullies is a national awareness campaign is a joint effort by the Canada Safety Council and the National Film Board of Canada, with the support of the National Strategy on Community Safety and Crime Prevention, the Government of Canada's initiative to help Canadians deal with the root causes of crime and victimisation.

From the Canadian Law Times June 19, 2000


A March ruling by the Ontario Court of Appeal held that progressive discipline, if unjustified, can be viewed as constructive dismissal.

"Employers should make sure they have all their facts in place before gradually disciplining employees if they want to avoid a constructive dismissal suit" says Toronto lawyer Howard Levitt, a labour and employment lawyer with Lang Michener.

The ruling means employers should investigate performance problems thoroughly before implementing a series of disciplinary actions. And they should give employees a chance to respond before proceeding further.

"When a supervisor wants to discipline an employee, consider first whether that person has a personality conflict or an axe to grind before you allow them to go down that road. Determine whether the problem is legitimate" Levitt says.

Levitt says the ruling in Shah v. Xerox Canada Ltd places the onus squarely on employers to justify their actions against employees.

In the ruling, which awarded Viren Shah damages equivalent to 12 months' notice, the court said the employer's treatment of Shah changed the essential terms of the employment contract. Shah had worked at Xerox for more than 12 years.

Levitt says this case is important because it interprets employment law in a new way by viewing unwarranted and unjustified treatment as constructive dismissal or as a change to the essential terms of a contract. The case focused not on specific terms, but on employer conduct.

The court said the working environment was made intolerable and that constituted constructive dismissal. Levitt says the ruling paves the way for major shifts in the law.

School bullying

Citizens Against Bullying Association (CABA) of North Alberta, Canada.

Canada's Bullying Awareness Network is an initiative of Child & Youth Friendly Ottawa, that aims to keep citizens who are concerned with bullying updated on news and information.

Safe Schools, Safe Students and the Safe Communities = Safe Schools Coalition in the USA and Canada has an anti-bullying hotline, statistics for which are online.

Bully Beware in Canada are passionate about keeping children safe. They've written two books and produced a video for schools that deal with the issues of bullying.

Stop Bullying Me!

Guide de survie 2000 (Survival Guide 2000) contains links to bullying web sites and organisations.

Girl commits suicide because of bullying ... see article in The Globe and Mail, whilst others see nothing unusual in playground violence - see report in Vancouver Sun.

Have Courage My Love (Lisa Savelli, ISBN 0-9685305-0-8) addresses the issue of bullying and conflict resolution. For teachers and counselors. Azil Books, 41 Tartan Drive, Caledonia, ON N3W 2N3, Canada, Tel 905-765-0211, Fax 905-765-0223.

Jay Solomon's web site: Being bullied? You're not alone!


Hamed Nastoh jumped off a bridge in Surrey, a suburb of Vancouver.

Dawn-Marie Wesley, 14 years old, hanged herself in Mission, suburb of Vancouver.

Gilles Moreau, an Edmonton, Alberta teen, who was found dead, face-down in a ditch. See and search for "Gilles Moreau".

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