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Constant criticism, ostracism, threats, false allegations, isolation, denial? Read this

Bullying in Further Education
Bullying of lecturers in sixth form college and further education colleges

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Bullying of lecturers in Higher Education
Bullying of teachers in schools

Callers from the education sector including further education colleges account for around 20% of all calls and enquiries to Bully OnLine. Incorporation, cut budgets, lack of resources, imposition of government targets and heightened expectations have created a climate where bullying is rife in colleges and further education institutions. In some cases colleges have sacked lecturers and re-employed them on lower rates of pay on short-term contracts.

Bully OnLine is a gold mine of insight and information on bullying which identifies the different types of harassment and bullying, and exposes the main perpetrator, the serial bully. Everyone knows at least one person in their life with the profile of the serial bully. Click here to see ...who has this behaviour profile in your life.

Have a look through this web site to recognise the bullies and bullying in your life ... start with Am I being bullied? then move on to What is bullying? To find out what you can do about bullying, click Action to tackle bullying.

If bullying and harassment have caused injury to your health, commonly diagnosed as "stress", see the page on injury to health and the one on the psychiatric injury of trauma, a collection of symptoms congruent with the diagnostic criteria for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD.


Case history #11 - bullying in the further education sector.

Macho management, missing millions and sudden resignations in the further education sector.


Tilting at Windmills: memoirs of a school governor, Justine Williams, Berwick Press, ISBN 0-9548276-0-0, 2004, a cautionary tale of corporate bullying (and a story familiar to any bullied teacher)

The Black Holes in the Blueprint: the story of teacher abuse in the USA by San Diego City Schools music teacher Janice Howes (and a story familiar to any bullied teacher)

Beware the Sharks in Education - A Teacher's Perspective by Jeannie Crowder, 1st Books, 2004

Breaking the silence: overcoming the problem of principal mistreatment of teachers, Joseph Blase and Jo Blase, Corwin Press, August 2002

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