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Bullying and students

Bullies are attracted to vulnerability and students are vulnerable for a variety of reasons:

Bullies bully to hide their inadequacy so anyone who is exhibiting bullying behaviours is admitting to being inadequate. The chances are that this individual knows nothing outside of the narrow coursework that he or she is required to teach.

Bullies are driven by jealousy and envy so if you're being picked on there's a good chance it's because you're one of the brightest students. Bullying is a serial offence so it's likely that the person bullying you has done this before. If there's a sexual harassment or racial discrimination angle to the bullying then this will almost certainly have happened to other students.

If you're a student and you find that you're being bullied by a lecturer, contact the student welfare and counselling service. They will make you aware of the support and options that are available. Find and talk to a trusted lecturer - they may be happy to tell you that the lecturer concerned has done this before and is also bullying and harassing other lecturers.


October 2003: Bullied UK students to get independent complaints board,

Stop Hazing: a definition of hazing at

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